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a brief history of our journey

We moved on to this farm in October of 2020. We were mid pandemic and both of us were out of work because of it. The opportunity presented itself, for us to move here, in exchange for cleaning up the property and then reassess when we started working again.

We are on 2 acres that was completely overgrown with 3ft tall grass, sticker bushes, and all manner of scrap, trash and debris. It took a lot of hard work, but we were able to clear everything out and now the entire property is mowable.

The property holds an approx. 16ft x 30ft, 100+ year old building, that was used for the railroad that used to run through town. The entire building was basically just a shell at this point. It had been stripped down to its skeleton on the inside, had a leaky roof and the exterior had definitely seen better days. It had no inner walls, no flooring, no plumbing. Nothing but a loft space, a utility sink that wasn't hooked up, a cabinet, and a wood stove fireplace.

In the past 2+ years, we have slowly built this into a HOME. Using mostly recycled materials, we were able to put in flooring, walls, a bathroom, plumbing, countertops, shelving, etc. We added a covered front porch and replaced the roof. It is now a very cozy studio cabin.

This year we have started really focusing on the farm/homestead aspect of things. We purchased a greenhouse, extended our garden fence and look forward to a bountiful harvest.

We hope you enjoy reading about our journey going forward!!!

june 27, 2023

WOW! Sorry It's been so long Folks! We have been SUPER busy creating new designs for the Etsy Shop and working on the Garden. We have managed to get everything out into the garden and even dug trenches to allow the garden to be irrigated by the creek overflow. Everything is going VERY well! We appreciate all of your support!

Go check out all the new designs in the shop!!!

june 02, 2023

Check out our new

Porch Sign!!!

May 30, 2023

What a crazy busy weekend!!! The old man spent the weekend at Fjord Fest with the VFW, hosting a Beer Garden, while I held down the ole homestead. We got a lot of yard work done and did a TON of work on the Etsy shop!!! I even managed to find a way to significantly lower the prices in the shop. So overall, it was a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!!

May 25, 2023

Our etsy shop is officially open!!!

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May 06, 2023

amazing news

All of the hard work and research has finally paid off!!!

We are now officially:

Quilbilly Homesteading LLC

We have our Certificate of Formation, Business License, EIN, Bank Account, etc.

I am now working to secure funds to cover startup and inventory costs for my new online retail business. Things are pretty tight right now, due to the costs of the licensing, LLC, etc.

If you would like to help us make our dreams a reality, please use the link on our website home page (Social Media and Other Links) to donate via PayPal.

We appreciate you all, more than you'll ever know!!!

april 27, 2023

Busy week this week. Working on a TON of stuff behind the scenes. Making some Big moves for our future!!!

I hope that y'all can be patient with me this week, while I work these things out. Weather is looking great for this weekend! We should be moving a bunch of starts from the greenhouse, out to the garden!

Cant wait!!!

april 24, 2023

Had an absolutely amazing weekend!!! My Love spoiled me rotten for my birthday! I got so many wonderful birthday wishes from friends and family!

The new woodshed is coming along nicely, the baby grass around the greenhouse is starting to fill in and the forecast is looking great for next weekend...So hopefully, we can start transferring plants from the greenhouse, out to the garden.

I can't wait!!!

april 23, 2023

Happy birthday to me!!!

april 22, 2023

Focusing on yard work today. Mowing the property and tending the greenhouse. The old man is building a new woodshed / project area. Forecast is looking good for transfer plants out to the garden around the middle of next week. Keeping our fingers crossed! Tomorrow is my birthday, so probably wont post again until Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

april 19, 2023

april 17, 2023

Starts are coming along nicely in the


april 16, 2023

Not too much going on today. Spent the day in town picking up supplies, and the old man had a VFW meeting. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!

. april 15, 2023

Spent the day out in the yard. Mowed the lawn this morning, then spent some time in the green house. I managed to get some new seeds started and transferred a bunch of seedlings into larger pots. We got all of our hoses hooked back up and managed to run an irrigation pipe from the creek to the edge of the garden.

april 14, 2023

april 12, 2023

We spent the last few days tilling and excavating several areas of the property. Working to remove sticker bushes and level some bumpier areas, in order to make it easier to mow. The seedlings are doing great in the greenhouse! I am considering planting a second set of starts on certain plants, so we can get a second harvest off of them. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can start moving plants out to the garden.

April 10, 2023

It's been unseasonably cold here this year. In order to get our garden started on time, we had to purchase a greenhouse. It took us approx. 6 hours to set it up, and it has been worth every penny!!! We got our seeds planted and are impatiently waiting for them to sprout.

April 09, 2023

Happy Easter Everyone!

april 07, 2023

So excited to start tracking all the progress we are making! We began this journey a little over 2 years ago. We are on a small 2-acre farm that was overgrown and neglected when we started. The 100+ yr old studio cabin on the property, had pretty much been stripped down to just a leaky shell. We had to install walls, floors, plumbing, new roof, etc. We have put in a lot of hard work and effort, using mostly recycled materials and couldn't be more proud of how far this place has come.

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Hi! I'm Loni. 43 yr old female.

This is my day-to-day life of building a functioning homestead on the

Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. From gardening to canning and prepping, and someday soon, livestock.

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